KFX 400 Top Speed: A Comprehensive Review

Among the arsenal of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), the KFX 400 stands as a remarkable illustration of the fusion of sports and utility. This ATV, crafted by Kawasaki, is popular among off-road adrenaline junkies due to its winning combination of power, speed, and style. But the element of this beast that gets hearts pumping is its top speed. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive headfirst into the world of the KFX 400, exploring the thrilling topic of its maximum speed and everything that contributes to it.

Unleashing the KFX 400: Understanding Its Performance

Before delving into the much-anticipated top speed, it’s vital to understand the factors that push the KFX 400 to its limits. It’s a combination of design, engine specifications, and technology that set the stage for the incredible performance this ATV delivers.

The Engine & Design

Powering the KFX 400 is a liquid-cooled 398cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This power horse, combined with a DOHC 4-valve cylinder head, provides a significant punch of power and quick revving. The design also emphasizes a compact frame and lightweight materials to decrease overall weight, thus augmenting its speed.

Suspension & Handling

The long-travel double A-arm independent front suspension and preload adjustable rear shock enhance the vehicle’s handling and ride comfort at high speeds. All these components combined allow this beast to ride smoothly, even at maximum velocity.

Brakes & Tires

The KFX 400 possesses powerful disc brakes on both ends, providing reliable and prompt stopping power. Furthermore, its large, high-traction tires contribute not only to the handling precision but also enable this ATV to reach its maximum speed swiftly.

The Anticipated Reveal: KFX 400 Top Speed

With the power of a large 398cc engine and its optimized design, the Kawasaki KFX 400 boasts a breathtaking top speed. So, what’s the magic number? The KFX 400 fires up to a thrilling top speed of 73 miles per hour (118 kilometres per hour)! Such speed is more than impressive by any ATV standard, marking the KFX 400 as a heavyweight competitor in the world of high-performance quad bikes.

What Influences the KFX 400’s Top Speed?

The top speed isn’t just a standalone facet. Various elements collectively influence it, which we will discuss here.

Rider Weight

The rider’s weight can significantly affect the top speed. A lighter rider means less weight for the ATV to carry, thus enabling it to reach its top speed more efficiently.


Flat and smooth terrains allow the KFX 400 to reach its maximum velocity rapidly compared to hilly, uneven, or loose gravel tracks.


Certain modifications can increase the top speed. However, any modifications should be done responsibly and in line with safety regulations, as these can affect the overall performance and durability of the ATV.

Optimizing the KFX 400’s Top Speed

Getting the best out of your KFX 400 top speed requires a blend of proper maintenance, optimized riding techniques, and possibly a few upgrades or modifications.

Proper Maintenance

Regular servicing and upkeep of your KFX 400 ensure that each component performs at its best, helping the quad bike reach its top potential speed smoothly.

Optimized Riding Techniques

  1. Body Position: Leaning forward and staying compact helps reduce drag and aids in accelerating to the top speed.
  2. Smooth Throttle Control: Smooth, consistent acceleration contributes to reaching high speed while maintaining control.

Consider Upgrades/Modifications

Installing performance-enhancing components like a high-flow air intake system or performance exhaust can contribute to increased top speed. However, remember always to follow safety regulations.

Understanding the KFX 400’s top speed involves more than just a number. It’s about appreciating the complex interplay of power, design, and technology that enables this speed machine to hit these impressive figures. Get set to hit the tracks and experience the remarkable thrill that this ATV promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast does a Kawasaki KFX go?

A Kawasaki KFX can reach speeds of up to 68-72 miles per hour (mph), depending on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, and modifications made to the quad. It is known for its impressive top speed, making it a thrilling ride for off-road enthusiasts.

2. Is a Kawasaki KFX400 a 2 stroke?

No, the Kawasaki KFX400 is not a 2 stroke. It features a liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine, which provides smooth power delivery, better fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions compared to two-stroke engines. The KFX400 is equipped with a 398cc, single-cylinder engine.

3. Are KFX400 good quads?

Yes, the Kawasaki KFX400 is considered to be a good quad. It has gained a positive reputation among ATV enthusiasts for its powerful engine, durable construction, and excellent handling. The KFX400 offers a fun and enjoyable riding experience both on the trails and in more challenging off-road conditions.

4. Who makes KFX400 engine?

The engine for the Kawasaki KFX400 is manufactured by Suzuki. It is an updated version of the Suzuki LT-Z400 engine model, which has been used in various quad models. Kawasaki and Suzuki collaborated, and the KFX400 benefits from Suzuki’s expertise in ATV engine design and performance.

5. What is the power output of the KFX400 engine?

The Kawasaki KFX400 engine delivers approximately 29-32 horsepower (hp), depending on factors such as modifications and tuning. Its strong power output enables the quad to tackle rough terrains and steep inclines with ease.

6. Can the Kawasaki KFX400 be used for racing?

Absolutely! The KFX400 is a popular choice for ATV racing due to its powerful engine, responsive handling, and relatively lightweight design. It is commonly modified with performance upgrades such as exhaust systems, air filters, and suspension enhancements to maximize its racing potential.

7. Does the Kawasaki KFX400 have a manual or automatic transmission?

The Kawasaki KFX400 features a manual transmission. It has a 5-speed gearbox with an automatic clutch, allowing riders to shift gears manually without the need to operate a clutch lever. This setup provides the rider with better control over the quad’s power delivery, especially in demanding off-road situations.

8. Is the KFX400 suitable for beginners?

The Kawasaki KFX400 is generally not recommended for complete beginners due to its power and responsiveness. It is better suited for riders with some prior experience in handling ATVs. However, with proper training and gradually increasing skill levels, beginners can enjoy this quad as they gain confidence and become familiar with its capabilities.

9. What kind of suspension system does the KFX400 have?

The Kawasaki KFX400 is equipped with a high-performance suspension system. It features independent A-arm front suspension with adjustable preload shocks and a rear swingarm suspension with a remote reservoir shock. This suspension setup ensures excellent handling, stability, and control by providing responsive feedback and absorbing impacts from rough terrains.

10. Are there any important maintenance considerations for the KFX400?

Yes, like any other quad, regular maintenance is essential to keep the Kawasaki KFX400 in optimal condition. It is recommended to regularly inspect and maintain the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, tires, and electrical components. Additionally, changing oil, lubricating moving parts, and cleaning or replacing air filters are some routine maintenance tasks that should not be neglected to ensure the longevity and performance of the quad.

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