Who Makes CFMoto: Unveiling the Creators Behind the Brand

CFMoto, a name that is increasingly becoming popular in the world of motorcycling, yet remains an enigma to many. This Chinese company has grown from its humble beginnings in Hangzhou to becoming an international conglomerate pushing the boundaries of the motorcycling industry. The question often arises: Who makes these CFMoto motorcycles? What’s the story behind this brand name? Let us dive in, stay tuned.

Origins of the CFMoto Brand

In answering the question “Who makes CFMoto?”, we must begin at the very start. CFMoto was formed in 1989 by Lai Guogui, who sought to change the landscape of the motorcycle industry in China. CFMoto stands for ChunFeng Holding Group Co Ltd., with its headquarters firmly grounded in Hangzhou city, China.

Over the past three decades, CFMoto has grown to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-performance motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), side by side utility vehicles (UTVs) and power sports engines.

CFMoto and Its Technological Achievements

One of the reasons behind CFMoto’s popularity is its unwavering focus on technology and innovation. CFMoto boasts a research and development team with more than 200 engineers, some of whom have also worked with renowned automobile companies.

Under the umbrella of technology, the company has an annual production capacity of 800,000 vehicles and 600,000 engines, catering to the needs of more than 70 international markets. CFMoto has more than 98 exclusive patents to its name and has scooped 63 international design accolades.

CFMoto’s Journey to International Acclaim

CFMoto’s journey towards international acclaim is marked by key strategic partnerships. One of the game-changing collaborations was with Austrian engine manufacturer KTM in 2011. This partnership led to the creation of the 650NK, a sport-touring model powered by the same parallel-twin engine found in KTM’s 650 Duke.

Other partnerships include those with global design firms like Kiska Design and FK Concept, both influential in shaping CFMoto’s visual appeal and ergonomics.

The CFMoto Product Line

CFMoto’s potent range of vehicles includes Motorcycles, ATVs, Side X Sides and UTVs. In motorcycles, CFMoto offers options like the aggressive looking 700CL-Xto the tour-friendly 650 GT. In ATVs, you have choices from the utility-focused UForce to the sportier ZForce series.

Making of CFMoto Motorcycles

The process of manufacturing a CFMoto motorcycle begins with the design work carried out by their experienced engineers and designers. CFMoto’s Hangzhou manufacturing plant, which sits on a whopping 1.6 million square feet area, is equipped with advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machining centers, thermal energy power assembly lines, motorcycle assembly lines, and engine production lines.


Who makes CFMoto motorcycles? The answer is a powerful Chinese consortium that is leaving an indelible mark on the global motorcycle scene. CFMoto is a brand built on innovative design, advanced technology, and global strategic partnerships. The result is a line of vehicles designed to captivate and perform, well ahead of industry peers.

Through their continued efforts to deliver quality and performance, CFMoto is carving out a unique spot in the competitive world of power sport vehicles. Their journey points to a brand committed to shaping the motorcycling experience and advancing the industry in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CFMOTO a reliable brand?

Yes, CFMOTO is widely regarded as a reliable brand in the powersports industry. They have been manufacturing and distributing ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and side-by-side vehicles for over 30 years. CFMOTO is known for their commitment to quality, durability, and innovative technology, making their products highly reliable for various off-road adventures.

2. How does CFMOTO compare to Polaris?

CFMOTO and Polaris are both well-established brands in the powersports industry, manufacturing a range of off-road vehicles. While Polaris has a longer history and larger market presence, CFMOTO offers competitive options at a more affordable price point. CFMOTO vehicles are known for their value for money, while Polaris vehicles often come with a higher price tag but may offer more advanced features and customization options.

3. Who owns CFMOTO company?

CFMOTO is a Chinese powersports manufacturer founded in 1989 by Lai Guogui. Currently, CFMOTO is still owned and managed by the Lai family. They have expanded their operations globally, exporting their vehicles to over 80 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and various European markets.

4. What is the difference between Canam and CFMOTO?

Canam is a Canadian company known for manufacturing recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and utility vehicles. CFMOTO, on the other hand, is a Chinese brand specializing in powersports vehicles. While both brands offer quality products, Canam generally has a wider range of vehicle options, a larger dealer network, and a stronger presence in the North American market. CFMOTO focuses on providing cost-effective alternatives with competitive performance and features.

5. Are CFMOTO vehicles good for off-road riding?

Yes, CFMOTO vehicles are designed to excel in off-road conditions. Whether it’s an ATV, UTV, or side-by-side, CFMOTO vehicles are built with durable frames, robust suspension systems, and reliable engines to tackle challenging terrains with ease. Additionally, CFMOTO frequently incorporates advanced technologies and features in their vehicles to enhance off-road performance and safety.

6. Where are CFMOTO vehicles manufactured?

CFMOTO manufactures their vehicles in their state-of-the-art production facilities located in Hangzhou, China. The company has heavily invested in research and development as well as manufacturing capabilities, allowing them to produce high-quality powersports vehicles that meet international standards.

7. Can I find CFMOTO vehicles at local dealerships?

Yes, CFMOTO has an extensive dealership network worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. You can use their official website or contact CFMOTO’s customer service to locate a nearby dealer. Their dealerships offer sales, service, and parts support for CFMOTO vehicles, making it convenient for customers to access and maintain their vehicles.

8. Does CFMOTO offer warranty for their vehicles?

Yes, CFMOTO provides a standard warranty for their vehicles to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. The specific warranty terms may vary between different countries and models, so it is recommended to check with your local CFMOTO dealer or review the warranty documentation for precise details. CFMOTO is dedicated to delivering reliable products, but in the unlikely event of any manufacturing defects or issues, the warranty helps cover potential repairs or replacements.

9. Can I customize my CFMOTO vehicle?

CFMOTO offers a range of accessories and customization options for their vehicles to cater to individual preferences and needs. These accessories include items like windshields, roof kits, winches, cargo boxes, and more, allowing owners to personalize their CFMOTO vehicles to better suit their intended use or desired style.

10. Are CFMOTO vehicles suitable for beginners?

CFMOTO offers a variety of vehicles with different performance levels suitable for riders of all skill levels. They have entry-level models that are beginner-friendly and feature user-friendly controls, making it easier for new riders to learn and enjoy off-road adventures. CFMOTO vehicles are known for their stability, safety features, and ease of operation, providing a great starting point for beginners in the powersports world.

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