Can-Am Defender Dimensions: Weight, Width, and Length Explored

Venture into the realm of utility vehicles, and you’ll quickly realize that versatility and reliability are of paramount importance, particularly when considering workhorses like the Can-Am Defender. This sturdy and reliable side-by-side offers an array of capabilities to those who require a robust vehicle for work or leisure. It’s vital to delve deeply into the specific dimensions and weight of the Can-Am Defender, as these factors can be crucial for potential buyers seeking compatibility with their needs and uses. From towing capacity to the ease of navigation through rugged terrains, every aspect plays a role in determining the Defender’s suitability for your purposes.

The Stature of Strength: Dimensions of the Can-Am Defender

The Can-Am Defender stands out not only for its performance but also for its structure, designed to balance stability and maneuverability. The precise measurement of this utility vehicle is a critical aspect to consider, ensuring it meets the requirements for the environments in which it will serve.

Length and Width Specifications

The overall length and width of the Defender vary slightly depending on the specific model and configuration. The standard Can-Am Defender typically measures around 120 to 128 inches in length. In terms of width, you can generally expect a figure close to 62 to 64 inches, providing a substantial footprint that contributes to stability without compromising on the ability to navigate through tighter pathways.

On the instance of a wider model, such as the Can-Am Defender Max, the length extends to accommodate additional seating, resulting in an approximate overall length of 153 inches.

Height and Ground Clearance

Height is another vital statistic, impacting everything from storage considerations to the ability to pass under obstacles. Standard models of the Defender typically stand at around 76 inches in height. However, this might slightly differ in specialized variations meant to tackle different terrains or tasks, like the mud-ready or hunter-specific editions. Concurrently, ground clearance is a pivotal aspect when tackling rugged topography. The Can-Am Defender impressively boasts up to 13 inches of ground clearance, allowing for ample space to navigate over rocks and debris without risking undercarriage damage.

Measuring Up: Weight and Capacities of the Can-Am Defender

On the utility side, knowing the weight and capacities of the Can-Am Defender can make all the difference for those who intend to use it in a utility capacity, whether that be hauling, towing, or traversing with weighty loads.

Dry Weight and Payload Capacity

The dry weight of the vehicle – which refers to the weight of the vehicle without any fluids, passengers, or cargo – varies among models. It can start as low as approximately 1,300 pounds for a base model and climb significantly for larger or more equipped editions. Meanwhile, the payload capacity tells a story of the vehicle’s tremendous utility potential. With most Defender models, you are looking at a payload capacity ranging from 1,500 to 1,750 pounds, assuring that it can handle substantial loads with aplomb.

Towing and Cargo Box Capabilities

The utility of the Can-Am Defender isn’t solely determined by the space it occupies or its chassis weight. Its capability to move material is just as important, and here, the Defender truly shines. With a towing capacity that typically tops 2,500 pounds, the Defender is well-suited for heavy-duty tasks that would be demanding for lesser vehicles.

The cargo box dimension is a crucial part of the vehicle’s functionality too. Capable of carrying significant volumes, Can-Am Defenders offer cargo boxes that usually measure around 38 x 54.5 x 12 inches (LxWxH). This space is complemented by various tailgate features and cargo box functionalities to secure and manage whatever load is being transported.

When comparing the various models within the Defender range, the specifics of these dimensions and capacities can be laid out in a comparison table.

| Model | Length (in) | Width (in) | Height (in) | Dry Weight (lb) | Payload Capacity (lb) | Towing Capacity (lb) |
| Can-Am Defender | 120 – 128 | 62 – 64 | 76 | 1,300 – ~ | Up to 1,500 | Up to 2,500 |
| Can-Am Defender Max | 153 | 62 – 64 | 76 | ~ | Up to 1,750 | Up to 2,500 |
| Can-Am Defender X mr | 128 | 64 | 82 | ~ | Up to 1,500 | Up to 2,500 |
| Can-Am Defender XT Cab | 128 | 62 | 78 | ~ | Up to 1,750 | Up to 2,500 |

(Note: ‘~’ indicates that the value can vary significantly based on configurations and additional equipment.)

The breadth of this information exemplifies the multitude of considerations that come into play when dissecting the Can-Am Defender’s specifications. As we can ascertain, the Defender’s width, length, and weight components speak to its potential as a diverse utility vehicle that can seamlessly transition from off-road recreation to hard work.

Each variant caters to different preferences and needs, with the constant thread being the sturdy architecture and laudable carrying capacities. When embarking on journeys where both performance and physical attributes have a role, scrutinizing this detailed information ensures that your chosen model aligns with the intended tasks and environments. The Can-Am Defender stands proud not only for its off-road capabilities but for its size, weight, and adaptability to fit the needs of the die-hard adventurer and diligent worker alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of Can Am defender?

The Can Am Defender has dimensions of approximately 126 inches in length, 63 inches in width, and 79 inches in height.

2. How much does a Can Am Defender Max HD10 weigh?

The Can Am Defender Max HD10 has a weight of around 1,864 pounds or 845 kilograms.

3. How much does a Can Am 800 Defender weigh?

The Can Am 800 Defender weighs approximately 1,295 pounds or 586 kilograms.

4. How wide is a Can Am side by side?

A Can Am side by side typically has a width of approximately 62 to 64 inches, depending on the specific model.

5. What is the length of the Can Am Defender Max XT?

The Can Am Defender Max XT has a length of around 153 inches.

6. How much does a Can Am Defender XT Cab weigh?

The Can Am Defender XT Cab weighs approximately 1,740 pounds or 789 kilograms.

7. What is the width of a Can Am Defender XT-P?

A Can Am Defender XT-P has a width of approximately 65 inches.

8. How long is the Can Am Defender DPS?

The Can Am Defender DPS has a length of around 123 inches.

9. What is the weight of the Can Am Defender X MR?

The Can Am Defender X MR weighs approximately 1,640 pounds or 744 kilograms.

10. How wide is a Can Am Defender Limited?

A Can Am Defender Limited has a width of approximately 64 inches.

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