Polaris Sportsman 570 Upgrades: Boosting Performance and Style

Are you the proud owner of a Polaris Sportsman 570? This rugged and reliable ATV is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts for its versatility and durability. As capable as it is straight off the showroom floor, there is a vast array of enhancements and modifications that can take your Sportsman to the next level. In this blog post, we will delve deeply into the world of Polaris Sportsman 570 upgrades, providing you with all the information to transform your ATV from stock to sensational.

Power and Performance Boosts

A worthwhile starting point for upgrading your Sportsman 570 is improving its power and performance. The aim here is not just to increase horsepower, but also to enhance throttle response and overall drivability.

Intake and Exhaust Systems

One of the tried-and-true methods to give your ATV a bit more pep is by upgrading the intake and exhaust systems. A high-flow air filter and an aftermarket exhaust system can significantly improve the air intake and exhaust flow, respectively.

– High-Flow Air Filter: Better air induction can lead to more efficient combustion and hence more power. Opt for a cleanable and reusable filter for longevity and cost-effectiveness.

– Performance Exhaust: A performance-grade exhaust can diminish backpressure, enabling the engine to expel exhaust gases more freely. This upgrade typically results in a horsepower boost and a throatier sound profile.

Programmers and Tuners

To truly unlock the potential of airflow modifications, pairing these upgrades with an engine control unit (ECU) tuner is key. These devices can adjust fuel maps and spark timing to optimize performance given the new airways.

– ECU Tuners: With precise adjustments, a tuner can extract additional power from the engine while also managing fuel economy.

Clutch Kits

Updating your clutching system can also significantly affect your ATV’s acceleration and performance under load.

– Aftermarket Clutch Kits: A well-designed clutch kit can optimize power transfer from the engine to the drivetrain, especially useful when adding bigger tires or carrying heavy loads.

Handling and Suspension Upgrades

Having a machine that can not only move quickly but also handle exceptionally well is equally important. Upgrading the suspension system improves ride comfort, handling, and the ability to traverse challenging terrains.

Shock Absorbers and Springs

An effective way to upgrade your ride is through the shock absorbers and springs.

– Aftermarket Shocks: High-quality shock absorbers offer better control and handling consistency, with many offering the ability to adjust for different riding conditions and loads.

– Heavy-Duty Springs: Stiffer springs can help your ATV handle added weight, reduce sag, and improve ground clearance.

Control Arms and Lift Kits

Another aspect to consider is installing stronger control arms or a lift kit.

– Heavy-Duty Control Arms: These afford greater durability and often afford enhanced clearance for larger tires.

– Lift Kits: A lift kit can increase your ATV’s overall height, improving clearance for rockier, uneven terrains, and allowing for the fitment of larger tires.

Stabilizers and Bushings

To refine handling, upgrades like steering stabilizers and bushings can yield significant improvements.

– Steering Stabilizers: These can dampen feedback and kickback, providing a smoother steering response.

– Polyurethane Bushings: These bushings deliver greater durability and can help in maintaining alignment under stress, promoting consistent handling.

Accessory and Protection Additions

Beyond performance and handling, outfitting your Sportsman 570 with the right accessories can gear you up for any adventure, while protective add-ons ensure your ATV’s longevity.

– Skid Plates: To shield your underbody from damage, heavy-duty skid plates are imperative when traversing rocks or debris.

– Brush Guards: Front and rear brush guards can protect your ATV from front and rear impacts.

– Winches: A winch is an invaluable tool for self-recovery or pulling heavy items and can be a lifesaver in sticky situations.

– Lighting: LED light bars or auxiliary lights are not only functional in low-light conditions but can also bolster the aggressive aesthetics of your Sportsman.

Ensuring that upgraded parts are compatible with your specific Sportsman model is crucial. Moreover, installation sometimes calls for specialized tools and mechanical prowess – if in doubt, seeking assistance from a professional technician is advised.

In summary, upgrading your Polaris Sportsman 570 can greatly elevate its performance, handling, and versatility. Implementing high-flow air filters, performance exhausts, ECU tuners, improved clutch kits, shock absorbers, lift kits, and protective accessories are just a few of the pathways to amplifying your ATV experience. Keep in mind the compatibility of the parts you select and consider professional installation when required. With these enhancements, your Sportsman 570 can become an even more formidable off-road titan, tailored precisely to how you ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you tune a Polaris Sportsman 570?

Yes, you can tune a Polaris Sportsman 570. Tuning modifies the engine’s performance parameters like fuel delivery and spark timing to enhance horsepower, torque, and throttle response. It can be achieved using aftermarket tuning modules or by reprogramming the factory ECU.

2. How fast can a Polaris 570 go?

The top speed of a Polaris Sportsman 570 can vary depending on various factors such as rider weight, terrain, and modifications. Generally, a stock Polaris 570 can reach speeds of up to 60 mph, but it is important to prioritize safety and abide by the speed limits set by your local regulations.

3. How much HP does a Polaris 570 have?

A Polaris Sportsman 570 comes with a high-output 567cc engine that typically generates around 44 horsepower. However, keep in mind that horsepower can be improved by upgrading specific components or utilizing performance enhancements offered by aftermarket manufacturers.

4. How many hours between oil changes on Polaris Sportsman 570?

Polaris generally recommends changing the oil on a Sportsman 570 every 100 hours of operation. However, it’s essential to consult the owner’s manual for the specific maintenance schedule and guidelines provided by Polaris for optimum performance and longevity of the vehicle.

5. What are some popular upgrades for the Polaris Sportsman 570?

There are several popular upgrades available for the Polaris Sportsman 570, based on individual preferences and riding requirements. Some common upgrades include aftermarket exhaust systems, improved air filters, suspension upgrades, performance clutch kits, winches, LED lighting, and larger tires for enhanced off-road capability.

6. Can I install a snorkel on my Polaris Sportsman 570?

Yes, you can install a snorkel kit on a Polaris Sportsman 570. A snorkel allows the vehicle to safely navigate through water and deep mud by keeping the intake system above the water level. Proper installation and maintenance of the snorkel are crucial to prevent water damage and maintain the ATV’s performance.

7. Are there any accessories available to increase storage capacity on the Polaris Sportsman 570?

Absolutely! Polaris offers a range of accessories designed to increase storage capacity on the Sportsman 570. These include front and rear cargo boxes, rack extenders, and specialized bags that fit on the front and rear racks. These accessories provide convenient storage options for camping gear, hunting equipment, or additional cargo.

8. Can I upgrade the suspension on my Polaris Sportsman 570?

Yes, the suspension on a Polaris Sportsman 570 can be upgraded. You can opt for aftermarket shock absorbers or coil-over suspension systems, which offer improved dampening and adjustability. Upgrading the suspension can enhance the ATV’s ride quality, handling, and stability, especially in rough or aggressive terrain.

9. Is it possible to add a winch to a Polaris Sportsman 570?

Absolutely! Adding a winch to a Polaris Sportsman 570 is a popular upgrade. A winch can assist in various situations, such as recovering the ATV from tricky spots or aiding in pulling heavy loads. It is recommended to consult a reputable dealership or utilize the instruction provided by the winch’s manufacturer for proper installation.

10. Can I enhance the exhaust sound on my Polaris Sportsman 570?

Yes, you can enhance the exhaust sound of your Polaris Sportsman 570. Aftermarket manufacturers offer exhaust systems specifically designed for this purpose. These systems provide a more aggressive or deeper exhaust note while also potentially offering slight performance gains. However, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with local noise regulations and choose a reputable brand for quality and durability.

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