Tracker 800SX vs Polaris Ranger: An In-Depth Comparison

The pursuit of the perfect side-by-side vehicle often presents a challenge to eager buyers as they sift through a dense market place full of brands offering various models with different capabilities, features, and specs. To make your search smoother, we’ve narrowed down the competition to two fantastic contenders in the world of outdoor recreational vehicles – the Tracker 800SX and Polaris Ranger.

Both vehicles have placed themselves firmly in the hearts and minds of adventurous drivers, offering well-built, capable, and feature-packed models that can tackle a wide range of terrains and environment conditions. To help you make a more informed purchasing decision, we will extensively compare these two striking models – Tracker 800SX Vs Polaris Ranger in a head-to-head showdown, highlighting their individual specifications, performance capabilities, features, and overall performance in different conditions.

Tracker 800SX: Overview and Features

Tracker 800SX Specs

Essentially a rebranded version of the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro, the Tracker 800SX is powered by a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder 812cc engine that delivers superior power and performance. This notable powertrain is paired with a smooth Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), ensuring exceptional acceleration and speed when required.

It boasts quality steel bodywork, offering high durability and resistance to harsh conditions. The 800SX also has a user-friendly digital display, rain-resistant storage, automatic LED headlights and tail lights, and custom Tracker wheels.

Tracker 800SX Performance

The Tracker 800SX impresses with its sports-level handling and comfort levels, providing 10 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of suspension travel. This enhances its capability to deal with rough, off-road conditions and terrain changes. It also packs a 2,000 lb towing capacity and 1,000 lb rear cargo box capacity, making it a reliable workhorse for carrying cargo or trailing tools and equipment.

Polaris Ranger: Overview and Features

Polaris Ranger Specs

Polaris Ranger exemplifies Polaris’s command over the industry, delivering durability, functionality, and performance. The sturdy vehicle runs on a 4-stroke, single-cylinder 500cc engine and contains a Polaris Variable Transmission (PVT).

The Ranger brings plenty of storage on-board, with a capacity of 1000 lb box cargo capacity and 1500 lb towing capability. It features an automatic LED lighting system, custom Polaris wheels, a sealed, water-resistant digital display, and storage.

Polaris Ranger Performance

The Polaris Ranger offers an impeccable ground clearance of 10 inches and suspension travel of 10 inches, ensuring a smooth ride even on uneven landscapes. This makes the Ranger a versatile side-by-side, suitable for adventures, hunting trips, and labor-intensive activities alike. Its robust build ensures it can handle heavy-duty tasks and traverse robust environments without faltering.

Tracker 800SX vs Polaris Ranger: Comparative Analysis

On comparing both vehicles, it’s evident that each caters to users in their unique ways. However, some key differentiators set them apart, which can influence your buying decision. Let’s explore these differences.

Engine and transmission

The Tracker 800SX has a more powerful 812cc engine over the Ranger’s 500cc. Additionally, the three-cylinder engine on the 800SX contributes to sustained performance and better heat management. Conversely, the Polaris Ranger features a single-cylinder engine.

Towing and Storage Capacity

In terms of towing and storage, the Tracker 800SX has a slight edge over the Polaris Ranger with a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs and a rear cargo box capacity of 1,000 lbs. In contrast, the Ranger holds a respectable maximum towing capacity of 1,500 lbs and a similar cargo box capacity of 1,000 lbs.

User Experience

Both vehicles deliver an excellent user experience, providing ample storage space and digital dash for easy navigation and control. However, Tracker’s 800SX’s rain-resistant storage and storage compartments offer a slight advantage over Ranger’s basic utility storage.

Concluding Thoughts: Tracker 800SX vs Polaris Ranger

The winning off-road beast truly depends on your specific needs and preferences. The Tracker 800SX packs more power and tows extra weight, making it ideal for demanding outdoor tasks. On the other hand, the Polaris Ranger with its competent performance and reliability standards is a considerable contender, offering a blend of comfort, power, and agility.

Whether it’s the Polaris Ranger’s enduring charm or the Tracker 800SX’s unparalleled power, your choice of side-by-side should align with your driving objectives and the environments you expect to confront. No matter which one you select, you’re bound to get a capable, durable, and adventurous machine that turns every off-road journey into an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tracker 800SX the same as Arctic Cat?

No, Tracker 800SX is not the same as Arctic Cat. Tracker UTVs are manufactured by Tracker Off Road, a subsidiary of Textron Inc. On the other hand, Arctic Cat is a separate brand that produces UTVs, snowmobiles, and other recreational vehicles. While Tracker Off Road and Arctic Cat have a partnership, they are different entities with their own unique product lines.

How fast does a Tracker 800SX go?

The top speed of the Tracker 800SX can reach up to 45 miles per hour (mph). However, it is essential to operate the vehicle responsibly and adhere to local speed limits and regulations.

What is the difference between Tracker 800SX and 800SX Le?

The difference between the Tracker 800SX and 800SX Le lies in their features and accessories. The 800SX Le is a limited edition model that offers additional enhancements compared to the standard 800SX. These enhancements may include premium wheels, LED lights, upgraded suspension, special edition color options, and other exclusive features.

Is Tracker 800SX street legal?

Legality for using the Tracker 800SX on public roads varies depending on local laws and regulations. Generally, the Tracker 800SX is considered to be an off-road utility vehicle designed primarily for off-highway use. However, some states allow for the registration and use of certain UTVs on public roads. It is important to review your local laws and requirements or consult with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to determine the street legality of the Tracker 800SX in your area.

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